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Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is dedicated to helping others within our local community. We have partnered with KCRA and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in an effort to make a positive impact on real life issues. Three events that we have committed to participating in are the KCRA Kids Can Food Drive, LLS's Pennies for Patients, and LLS's Light the Night. Other events may be added to our schedule at a later time. 


Membership_Requirements Card IconMembership Requirements

1) Attend all meetings (one Thursday per month from 2:45-3:30 pm.
2) Assemble and distribute classroom collection materials.
3) Present information during assemblies and in classrooms.
4) Gather and package donated items.
5) Enthusiastically support and promote our donation/volunteer efforts.
* Light the Night is a Saturday evening event at Raley Field. All children must be transported to and from the event and must be supervised by a parent or guardian during the event. We understand that this is problematic for some families. If for some reason attendance at this event is not possible, the expectation is that efforts will be made in other ways to support this cause (posters, announcements, letters, etc.). 

Applying_for_the_Outreach_Committee Card IconApplying for the Outreach Committee

A student who is interested in becoming a member of the Outreach Committee will need to get an application. He/she should ask his/her teacher, Mr. Highfill or Ms. Straehle. Applying for membership does not guarantee membership. Membership will be granted based upon a student's dedication to the committee's cause, availability to participate in the meetings/events, and his/her teacher's recommendation.