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English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

The purpose of ELAC is to discuss issues related to English Learners and receive input for the school plan from the parents of English Learners.  Discussions pertaining to curriculum, school data, and the school plan are discussed at ELAC meeting.  The ELAC meets five times a year and is open to all parents of English Learners.  This is an important committee because is gives a voice to those with students who are English Learners and ensures that their needs are being communicated.
Ridgepoint School
English Language Advisory Committee Meeting Dates
2019 - 2020


                          Meeting Location                              Time

September 13    School Library                                      9:00 am

November 8       School Library                                      9:00 am

January 24         School Library                                      9:00 am

March 13             School Library                                      9:00 am

May 22              School Library                                      9:00 am