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School Site Council

The purpose of the School Site Council is to develop and implement a yearly school plan.  This plan has goals and objectives geared toward maximizing student learning.  Discussions of school data, curriculum and instruction, and budget help make decisions that enhance student learning.  The School Site Council has an equal number of staff and parents on the council, all of whom are voted in during annual elections.  The council meets monthly and is a key component of a successful school.

Meeting_Dates_-_2022-2023 Card Icon
Meeting Dates - 2022-2023

Tuesday, September 30th - 3:00 pm on Zoom
Tuesday, November 29th - 3:00 pm on Zoom
Tuesday, January 17th - 3:00 pm on Zoom
Monday, March 6th - 3:00 pm on Zoom
Tuesday, April 25th - 3:00 pm on Zoom